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International Patients

Adan Hasan from Nairobi after his successful surgery at Lokmanya Hospitals
Said Saleh Sulaiman Alrawahi from Oman after his successful surgery at Lokmanya Hospitals
Habiba Farah from Nairobi after his successful surgery at Lokmanya Hospitals
Saleh Ahmed from Yemen shares his experience post knee replacement surgery by Dr. Narendra Vaidya.
Sadiya Jasim from Iraq is now comfortably walking without any support post her Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Narendra Vaidya at Lokmanya Hospital Pune.
Middle East patient Magaidah Shayyal Mutlag underwent knee replacement surgery from Dr. Narendra Vaidya to find relief from her painful joints and is now very happy.
50 year old patient Mr. Tayyab from Yemen & his son seeked treatment from Dr. Narendra Vaidya. After undergoing knee arthroscopy, Tayyab is walking without any pain & external support.
Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement
Saferah Shnawa Hasan Shleghim from Iraq underwent Knee Replacement Surgery for both knees from Dr. Narendra Vaidya. She is now able to walk and is no longer suffering from joint pains.
Total knee replacement
Mohemmed, a resident of Oman visited Dr. Narendra Vaidya, with severe knee pain. He underwent bilateral Total Knee Replacement at Lokmanya Hospital and is independently living his life today.
Overseas patient underwent total hip replacement surgery by Dr. Narendra Vaidya after having suffered from joint pain and discomfort which hampered his quality of life.
This patient from the Middle East specifically came to India to undergo robotic knee replacement surgery from Dr. Narendra Vaidya at Lokmanya Hospital.
Dr Narendra Vaidya consulting and explaining the treatment plan to overseas patient who underwent knee replacement surgery and conservative treatment for spine at Lokmanya Hospital.
Dr. Narendra Vaidya with overseas patient who visited him for consultation for her ailing joints and went back extremely satisfied with the treatment she received at Lokmanta Hospital.
Dr Narendra Vaidya is a trusted name for joint ailments in the Middle East and many patients visit Lokmanya Hospital to seek treatment from him.
Dr. Narendra Vaidya performed joint replacement surgery on foreign patient to cure him of his chronic pain and discomfort due to damaged joints.
Dr. Narendra Vaidya with overseas patient who underwent successful joint replacement surgery and was grateful to live a pain free life again after the treatment.
Saleh Ahmed from Yemen is living a healthy and pain free life after getting his knee replacement surgery done by Dr. Narendra Vaidya at Lokmanya Hospital, Pune
Javed from Kenya underwent bilateral total hip replacement in December by Dr Narendra Vaidya. He is extremely happy and satisfied now after the surgery.


Being a patient, I experienced excellent medical treatment by Dr. Narendra Vaidya. My stay at the hospital was very pleasant and the staff was very co-operative.

Seema Joshi, India

From the past 13 years I was suffering from Osteoarthritis in the hip. Indian doctors who used to visit Nairobi recommended India for treatment and luckily we reached Lokmanya Hospital. My condition is now improving and I want people to know more about this hospital and facilities as they are excellent.

Habiba Farah, Nairobi

The hospitality was great and the staff was very cooperative. It will be worth watching the progress of the hospital. I am sure that in the near future the hospital will come up as most modern hospital with modern technology. I am extremely happy with Dr. Narendra Vaidya and other staff.

Patil Gopal, India

I was sick since many years and had severe problem in my back. Dr. Narendra Vadiya met me in Oman and advised me to come to Lokmanya Hospital for treatment. After surgery with the grace of God, I am feeling much better and now I can lift my back also. I would recommend Lokmanya Hospital to anyone who has similar problems.

Said Saleh Sulaiman Alrawahi, Oman

Dr. Narendra Vaidya provided very good medical care and therapy. Overall experience was very good. I will surely recommend Dr. Narendra Vaidya to anyone who needs similar treatment.

Niguelkar Varsha, India

I met the doctors from Lokmanya Hospital when they had visited Nairobi. I also heard very satisfied feedback from patients who had done their treatment from the hospital. I was experiencing severe pain in the knee and decided to come to Pune and get my surgery done from Dr. Narendra Vaidya. I am now able to walk normally like before and would recommend everyone to come here for treatment.

Adan Hassan, Nairobi

The experience right from OPD to discharge was very nice. Overall experience for the six days was great. I will definitely recommend to my family friends and relatives who are seeking treatment. Thank you so much for all the care taken.

Rane Sumanda, India